About Us

About Office Lounge

Office space has undergone massive and significant changes in recent years. The traditional concept of designated office spaces with long-term leases and extensive commutes is no longer the typical arrangement. More and more companies are also adapting the hybrid set up. 

Recognizing this transition, the founders of OfficeLounge understood that lifestyles and workstyles were evolving. They realized that reliable high-speed internet access was particularly challenging to find in small rural communities.

Virtual businesses and collaborative workspaces have become highly desirable, especially among the millennial generation. With these, OfficeLounge was launched with a focus on providing clean and safe workspaces. The concept revolves around offering all the necessary amenities for local businesses to thrive, operating 24/7. These amenities include features like fiber-optic high-speed internet and a modern, high-end environment.

OfficeLounge caters to various professionals, whether they are frequent travelers on business trips or salespeople looking to expand their geographic reach while maintaining a professional image. Working from home can often be isolating and uninspiring, which is where flexible workspaces come in. By providing a professional environment to meet and interact with others, Office Lounge offers individuals and small groups the opportunity to network and extend their business reach – locally and globally.

Whether one needs to collaborate with others or work independently in a virtual setting, OfficeLounge provides the ideal solution that fits every business in any industry.

Licensee Opportunity

We are opening more locations! If you’re interested in becoming an OfficeLounge Licensee, please send an email to info@yourofficelounge.com or call (715) 421-6403.